CQ youngster goes from strength to strength (The Morning Bulletin)

SANDRA Northfield has watched her autistic son reach developmental milestones since he joined BUSHKids in March.

When her son Cooper, now five years old, was a toddler, the Rockhampton woman discovered he had developmental delays.

They included not being able to talk or make eye contact.

“Cooper was very late to start talking so there were a few milestones he hadn’t quite met,” Mrs Northfield said.

“He was very hard to settle.

“We sought some advice and we ended up getting an autism diagnosis for him.”

Before his diagnosis, Cooper had been given early intervention from the age of 18 months.

Mrs Northfield signed her son up to BUSHKids in Rockhampton in March when they arranged an NDIS plan for him.

It was a decision that dramatically improved Cooper’s well-being…


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