Complaints Process

Complaints Process

What to do if you are not satisfied with the services provided to you at BUSHkids:

BUSHkids aims to offer you high quality services that will meet your children’s needs and will enable you to achieve the goals set by yourself and your family.

We are committed to giving you a service which respects your rights as an individual and which support the partnership that exists between you, your child and the therapist. For details of your Rights and Responsibilities within BUSHkids, please click on this link for further details – Rights and Responsibilities

If you feel dissatisfied in any way with the programs or services provided to you and you wish to raise these issues, please follow these steps:

Step 1

In the first instance, it would be appreciated if you could informally approach the person causing you concern and attempt to resolve the situation by negotiation.

Step 2

If you feel your issue is still not resolved, please make an appointment to discuss your issues further with the Centre staff member with whom you have been working.

Step 3

In the situation where the problem or difficulty cannot be settled between you and the staff member, you should describe your problem/complaint in writing on a Complaints Form which can be accessed here – Complaints Form.  Please submit the form to your local Centre or send to our Brisbane Office at: BUSHkids, PO Box 1017, MILTON QLD 4064.

Please note: once you submit this form it becomes a formal process and follows the Client Rights and Complaints Procedure.

The Service Manager will contact you to discuss the matter, further investigate the situation, and respond to you accordingly.

Step 4

If you feel the Service Manager has not answered your complaint to your satisfaction, please request an appointment to discuss the matter with the Chief Executive Officer (based in our Brisbane office), who will review all aspects thoroughly.

Our aim is to obtain a complete understanding of the problem, to reach a settlement that will be acceptable to both parties early in the resolution process.