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We look forward to bringing you the latest news from BUSHkids teams across rural, remote and regional Queensland, some interesting background stories from our 80 year history, and details of upcoming events and activities.

BUSHchat  will also enable us to give you advance notice of selected educational programs and community events, including those of our partner organisations.  Content of each eNews usually comprises half-a-dozen short pieces, which have been carefully selected to be of interest to our wide readership.

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released June 2017

In this issue, we look at the fantastic progress we have made toward providing NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention services in Bundaberg, find out about our exciting new website which is scheduled to be launched at the end of the month, and we look into the fascinating link between BUSHkids and James Bond from our history book BUSHIES. This month we also start a regular feature providing a roundup from the regions, written by our Friends of BUSHkids’ Chairmen and Chairwomen; FoBk is a vital link between the organisation and the communities we serve, and if you have time to support your local FoBk branch we would love to hear from you, particularly if you are in Mount Isa and Dalby where we are in the process of setting up FoBk branches.

Finally, it is tax-time. If you haven’t made a tax-deductable charitable donation this year, think about helping us out at BUSHkids. Any gift of $2 or more will help us continue our work in supporting the health and wellbeing of kids and their families in remote and regional areas of Queensland. Please forward BUSHchat on to anyone who may be interested in our work they can then subscribe to receive a regular copy of BUSHchat here. Thank you for your continued interest in BUSHkids and I hope you enjoy reading this edition of BUSHchat.

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released March 2017

In this issue we look at the NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention services BUSHkids will soon be providing in Bundaberg, the Telehealth project we are working on with UQ, the latest developments in Read and Grow, the expansion of the ekindy program, and, with Malcolm Turnbull pictured leafing through his copy of our recently published history book ‘Bushies’, we reflect on 80 years of the Royal Queensland Bush Children’s Health Scheme’s association with Australia’s Prime Ministers.

I’d like to thank Adrian Harrison and Matt Tesch, the co-authors of ‘Bushies’ , for their excellent work in putting this newsletter together.

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