Whistleblower Policy

BUSHkids Whistleblower Policy

It is important to Royal Queensland Bush Children’s Health Scheme (BUSHkids) that the organisation’s Values and Code of Conduct align with how it operates and manages its business operations, improving ethical behaviours in the workplace and enabling workers and others to report ‘Improper Conduct’, in a responsible and effective manner, to feel safe in doing so, without fear of reprisal, dismissal, discrimination, harassment or bias.

Policy Statement

BUSHkids will establish and maintain appropriate systems to:

  • enable a Whistleblower to communicate his/her concern by following the Whistleblower Procedure informed and guided by this policy
  • treat a report seriously and confidentially.
  • review the report to determine the gravity of the conduct reported.
  • investigate the conduct reported, if an investigation is required.
  • ensure that any documentation created, received or stored as a result of an investigation is accessed only by persons who are authorised to access that documentation.
  • ensure that the Whistleblower is treated fairly, his/her identity is protected and is informed of the outcome of the investigation.
  • ensure appropriate action is taken if the report is confirmed – disciplinary action or notification to the relevant authorities.

Read our Whistleblower Policy here.