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Providing More Free Support to Disadvantaged Kids and Families across Queensland

It’s been another year of growth at BUSHkids and I’m delighted to say that thanks to your support and our hard work we’ve been able to help many more kids and families across rural, remote and regional Queensland.

While the greatest area of growth and development has been in partnership with the NDIS with the launch of our Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) services in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Emerald and the expansion of our ECEI services across Wide Bay-Burnett and the Sunshine Coast, we continue to grow our other services. Working in collaboration with the School of Distance Learning we are now bringing eKindy—a comprehensive ‘at home’ kindergarten program for pre-school children—to 63 kids living in rural and remote parts of the State and this year we have also provided more free education and parenting programs for families than ever before. However, it is the allied health services provided through our regional centre’s remain at the heart of BUSHkids and I am most delighted that we have been able to strengthen this area by using our growing teleHealth capability to provide our services in remote areas where therapists aren’t available.

Throughout the year I have spent a lot of time visiting our regional centres, talking to stakeholders and promoting the organisation. During these visits I am always taken by the enthusiasm and dedication of our staff.

On a recent trip, our speech pathologist in Warwick, Yolanda, told me about a little girl with developmental delay called Carly[1] she was supporting, and how small things can make the world of difference to a family. Yolanda and our OT have been working with Carly’s mum to help this little girl who was unable to talk. Yolanda told me how supportive Carly’s mum was of her daughter and how watching her progress and seeing her mum interact with Carly was so rewarding. Over the weeks working together Carly increasingly gave her mother eye contact, which was so important to her mum. It’s simple things like that—helping a mother look into her daughter’s eyes and see the love there—that has such a positive impact on the families we work with.

It’s thanks to your support that we can make such a massive difference to the lives of families and kids like Carly. Any gift of $2 or more which you can give is tax deductible and will help us to continue providing our free services. You can give online by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button.

[1] Personal information about both this mother and child have been changed to protect their privacy.

On behalf of all of us at BUSHkids I would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you a safe and prosperous 2019!

Carlton Meyn
Chief Executive Officer


How you can help

With every donation BUSHkids is a step closer to giving a child the BEST possible service in the BEST possible time, and equipping that child with the skills to live a full life.

Any gift over $2.00 is tax deductible!

Donate Online here


Donate by phone

Contact BUSHkids Brisbane – 07 3870 7288


Donate Monthly

Contact us on 07 3870 7288 to organise monthly automatic deductions.


Corporate, club or individual sponsorship of specific projects or equipment and resources is an excellent way to ensure a continuity of service for country children.

Contact our Brisbane office on 07 3870 7288 or your nearest centre for further information on current projects.

A gift in your will is an investment in the future of BUSHkids and in the futures of all the children we will help.

Remembering our Queensland children in your will is a very special way to pledge your continuing support for BUSHkids services and will remain a living legacy of your love and compassion for children.

The following wording may be used:

I bequeath free of all duties and charges the sum of $……….. to the Royal Queensland Bush Children’s Health Scheme – BUSHkids for the general charitable purpose thereof and I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or the Honorary Treasurer of the said Scheme shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.

Your Solicitor or Trustee Company will alter the form of wording when the bequest is for a share or residue of your estate.