Volunteer with BUSHkids

Whether it’s a few hours a week for administration help, or a day for a fundraising event, your time would be greatly appreciated.

Volunteer Administration Support – Regional Centres 

  • Meet and greet on Reception
  • Answering phone calls
  • General Admin: filing, printing, laminating, binding
  • Resource creation for clinical sessions, group programs
  • Maintaining database records (training will be provided)
  • Arranging/rearranging appointments where required
  • Assistance with BUSHkids community events

Fiona Morgan (pictured) has just one message for anyone thinking about becoming a volunteer: “Just do it”.  It is National Volunteer Week and Mrs Morgan said deciding to give her time for two days a week was one of the best things she could have done.

“I’ve been a stay-at-home mum for 23 years so it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything,” she said. But with her husband working at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks and their two children both at university, Mrs Morgan decided to get out and help the community.  “I thought ‘I’ve got a lot of spare time’, I’d like to do something but I just don’t know what,” she said.

Excerpt from Bundaberg NewsMail, 9 May 2017 – click here for full article 

To discuss how you are able to help and which location would benefit, contact our Brisbane Office on 07 3870 7288 or email info@bushkids.org.au with your details.


Meet our Volunteers

Rob Gluch

Rob worked with Carlton Meyn at Volunteering Queensland many years ago, organising numerous large events including CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting), Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Homeless Connect to name a few.

“I ceased volunteering at Volunteering Queensland in 2011 to assist Brisbane Legacy with the Bridge to Brisbane Run” said Rob, “and after that Carlton asked me if I would like to volunteer at BUSHkids.  I readily agreed. We have an excellent working relationship.”

Rob continued, “Carlton has given me numerous challenging projects to work on which keeps my mind active.  In particular, I assisted with the 80th Anniversary year celebrations, sending out invitations to numerous events being held statewide, and recording the numerous RSVP’s.”

“I also prepare Excel spreadsheets for various staff members to assist with recording statistics and keeping track of when things are due.  I also have prepared several Access databases to record information.”

“By using my services as a volunteer, the organisation saves substantial amounts of money which I feel can be far better used in front line services.”

Jenny Marsh

The first thing I noticed upon coming on board was how caring and supportive staff were of their volunteers.  I have been extended every courtesy and opportunity since, both as a volunteer and as a staff member.  “THANK YOUs” are not just casual words here.  I feel valued and very much appreciated.

There is remarkable talent amongst our staff and volunteers.  They are also dedicated and hard-working.  With a work ethos like that, I find coming to work more pleasure than chore.

What BUSHkids does for the children and families in regional and remote Queensland is phenomenal.  It’s hard not to feel just that little bit proud when mentioning BUSHkids and my association with it.

BUSHkids welcomes ideas for improvement and change.  Done properly and with due regard for all involved, the benefits can be many and significant.

Kathy Kelly

I chose to volunteer with BUSHkids because as a mother and grandmother I believe every child should be given the opportunity to be the best they can be. I feel privileged to be able to help such a professional, dedicated team who through early intervention are giving our children  an opportunity to realise their full potential.

Sandra Head

Sandra came to learn about the work of BUSHkids as some staff from BUSHkids Warwick Centre visited her Rotary Club – Warwick Sunrise – “our Rotary Club was invited to the meeting organised in Warwick by Brisbane office to get volunteers involved once again, I saw immediately that I could be of use to BUSHkids and it was at the time I had decided to retire from full-time teaching…”.

Sandra explains “I love to be useful and seeing the children and families blossom thanks to BUSHkids” and she is “motivated by the fact that I can do the behind-the-scenes support work and relieve the staff to concentrate on their core business.  This I hope will mean more children and families will be assisted”.

“From my perspective, BUSHkids make it very clear that they are there for their clients and their needs.  The families feel respected and listened to.  This puts them at ease and then everyone works towards their common goal far more effectively”.

Susan Goddard

Susan Goddard

Susan is on the Friends of BUSHkids committee in Warwick and helps out at the service centre one day a week.

“I’ve been volunteering for BUSHkids for about 18 months now,” said Susan. “I do a variety of admin tasks which helps free up the clinical staff at the service centre, so they can spend more time with the clients. I enter data for them, process referral forms, welcome clients on reception, answer the phones, that kind of thing”.

“The great thing about volunteering for BUSHkids is that it’s a friendly, caring organisation. The staff are very welcoming and helpful to volunteers, and are very appreciative of the work we do helping out.”

“I also support the fundraising events through Friends of BUSHkids. I’ve been involved in selling raffle tickets and really enjoyed the BUSHdance this year which was great success. We got a great turnout and as well as being a lot of fun it raised much needed funds to support BUSHkids operations in Warwick. It’s great the way the community of Warwick supports the organisation when a lot of people around here are doing it tough.”