BUSHkids Reconciliation Action Plan

Strengthening our Services through reconciliation

In 2023 we started our formal reconciliation journey through partnering with Reconciliation Australia and developing our first Reflect RAP (November 2023 – November 2024). We are excited to have chartered a course to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity and histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the many communities in which we work. Our year-long RAP will help us to reflect more deeply on the distinctive needs of the Aboriginal children and families and learn how to improve and tailor our engagement and service design with greater cultural safety and responsiveness.

Our Reflect RAP outlines a wide range of activities that build on the very positive relationships BUSHkids has established with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled organisations and how this is contributing to new partnerships and innovation with families, communities, and other partner organisations. Over the next year we will support our RAP Working group to help BUSHkids implement strategic activities across the four domains of the RAP including Relationships, Respect, Opportunities and Governance.

Our roadmap for reconciliation starts with our inaugural Reflect RAP. Our Values lay the foundations for relationships, and we are committed to achieving our stated objectives and to continuing to grow as an organisation in partnership with the families and communities we serve. 

CHABOO Designs

Supporting Community Growth

Please click on the image of the artwork for a larger view.

This artwork represents different communities, the support and the looking over of our children and growth.  The “Yarning Circle of Growth” is the centerpiece and a representation of BUSHkids.  It encapsulates BUSHkids’ values; Child-focused and family-centred, Collaborative and Accountable.

The two hands and dots in the centre represent our children’s everlasting point on this earth.  Our children are symbolised in the sitting positions, of the inner yarning circle around the hands and the leaf sprouts represent the beginning of their growth.

The people sitting outside the children are our caregivers and providers.  They are surrounded by the small white dots to signify the sharing of knowledge and special collaborative ingredients in helping us all grow.

The outer ‘u’ shapes symbolise our leaders, our Ancestors, looking over our journyes and overseeing the foundations they have implmented.

Outside the “yarning Circle of Growth” is the representation of our community links, their services, and our totems.

Our community links are represented in the circle and linking lines, with their services of health, development, education, social and emotional services in the five curved lines – nothing is a straight line.

Our totems can be either animal or plant form.  These are showcased in the side panels of the wing/scale and leaf patterns.

The background consists of different communities.  Every community has different line work to represent their Songlines with water surrounding and bringing them together as one.