BUSHkids Annual Report 2020-2021

Leadership To support our current leaders and grow new leaders from within BUSHkids, we have worked closely with our leadership and management consultants, Trevor-Roberts, to develop a bespoke organisational leadership program. This is multi-level and comprised of a combination of online modules on our learning management system, as well as individual and group coaching and action learning. Valé, Gloria Gloria Ryan joined as a BUSHkids Council member in June 2009 and was elected as Deputy Chair in 2014. She served BUSHkids in this role until April 2021, when we were all saddened by her passing. A very private person who quietly contributed to BUSHkids in a big way, she was legally trained, and enthusiastically contributed to all aspects of our contracting matters, supporting BUSHkids with legal input and comprehensively advising on the Scheme’s Policies and Procedures. Through the changes to the organisation’s branding in 2010–2011 Gloria provided essential advice and assisted greatly with the registration of the BUSHkids trademark. In its unique graphic style, instantly recognised around Queensland, this remains the most publicly visible legacy of Gloria’s many professional contributions voluntarily given to support our organisation over more than a decade of service. She was without a doubt a very dignified and highly respected Council member and friend to all at BUSHkids. Our condolences and thoughts go out to her family and friends. The growth in the organisation has required a focus on leadership at BUSHkids to ensure that we maintain our BUSHkids culture and values as the organisation grows and becomes more complex. We have launched our BUSHkids Leadership Charter which clearly articulates expectations of our leaders at BUSHkids and positions our vision and values as core to inspiring, motivating and empowering our teams. As the organisation has grown, the role of CEO will be supported by the implementation of a small executive team. The first role developed as part of this is that of Director of Clinical Services and Strategy and our Head of Clinical Services, Susan Harrison, has been appointed to this position. Susan will be accountable for the effectiveness and safety of clinical practice, hold strategic responsibility for BUSHkids’ clinical and community services and will lead on service innovation and development. C E O c o n t i n u e d OUR LEADERSHIP PURPOSE • To inspire, motivate and empower our teams to be the driving force to deliver on the BUSHkids vision and values. OUR V I S I ON OUR V A L U E S • WE A R E OUR P UR P O S E All Queensland children reach their potential regardless of where they live. Child-focused and family-centered Collaborative Accountable To support children’s health, developmental, educational and social and emotional wellbeing through equitable and accessible health services. LEADERSHIP CHARTER } are accountable for our actions and outcomes. } are open to new ideas and perspectives. } are fair, supportive and encouraging to our teams. } will give and receive feedback. } recognise good work and acknowledge the right behaviours. } promptly address performance and behavioural issues. } create and support an environment of development. } build a culture of high performance. } create a culture that ensures evidenced-based contemporary practice. } identify and share best practice. } foster a safe, healthy and engaged workplace. } are agile and adaptable to the changing needs of our team members, organisation, industry and clients. } take a consultative approach in communities to expand our local knowledge and contacts. } keep the needs of the people we serve at the centre of everything we do. } consistently communicate the vision and strategy. } ensure our work is aligned to our strategic plan. } build and nurture stronger partnerships within and outside our organisation, leveraging our reputation and history. u LEAD OURSELVES AND OUR PEOPLE u MANAGE AND IMPROVE SERVICES u SET DIRECTION AS LEADERS, WE 3325RBK 2021.v1 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 2 0–2 0 2 1 6

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