BUSHkids Annual Report 2020-2021

17% 48% 10-year reflection As I reflect on my 10 years of service with a trusted Queensland institution supporting children, families and communities for 86 years I am proud to present our 2020-2021 BUSHkids Annual Report. BUSHkids has a long, proud history of serving Queensland communities to ensure children achieve their potential. Whilst the way we deliver services has changed, the original vision and purpose of the organisation remains true. During the past 10 years, BUSHkids has grown from a small not-for-profit organisation providing services for 670 children per year, to an organisation that supported more than 7,286 children this year. Our workforce has grown by 614% from 28 to almost 200 staff over this decade. BUSHkids services are delivered from a sound evidence base and through implementation of contemporary best practices ensuring children achieve their potential. BUSHkids’ service delivery model has gone through several transformative changes. This commenced with work in 2012 to articulate a clinical Model of Care for the organisation. This provided the basis for later developments as we moved from a clinical intervention approach towards proportionate universalism and implementation of universal and targeted services alongside our clinical intervention services. Capacity building for local communities and families now strongly underpins our approach. Success as an organisation has required transformation of our infrastructure, information technology, business support and finance systems to ensure these are fit for purpose in an increasingly large and complex organisation. With the operationalisation of our 2021–2026 Strategic Plan, a clear path has been set for BUSHkids growth and development over the next five years. This growth will strongly align with our core values – being child-focused and family-centred, collaborative, and accountable. Our vision has been reconfirmed as ensuring all Queensland children reach their potential regardless of where they live. We celebrate our achievements and recognise the challenges this year has yielded, as we have worked hard to make a positive impact upon the lives of children, families and communities across regional, rural and remote Queensland. As we enter our second year of operating during a pandemic, we have maintained and grown services for regional, rural and remote Queenslanders. Chief Executive Officer 7,286 children SESSIONS 12,801 SESSIONS A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 2 0–2 0 2 1 5

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