BUSHkids Annual Report 2020-2021

BUSHkids eKindy Pods BUSHkids has facilitated 24 eKindy Pods in 20 locations in 2021, from Mount Garnet in the north to Yelarbon in the south, Prairie and Anakie in the west to Kenilworth in the east, with funding received from the Department of Education. BUSHkids will continue to provide eKindy Pods in 2022 with plans to employ our own early childhood teacher to lead this program. BUSHkids continues to foster positive working relationships with the Department of Education, eKindy/Distant Education, Regional Education, and the local schools, to provide quality play-based services to these regional/remote communities. Our BUSHkids facilitators are core members of their small community, often wearing a variety of ‘hats’ ranging from Teacher Aides and administration staff to cleaners and P&C members. BUSHkids ensures that the care and education provided to the children is fun and safe by ensuring that all facilitators follow the BUSHkids Policies and Procedures as well as the contractual regulations of standalone care. Children attending BUSHkids eKindy Pods receive a high-quality, fun and very educational experience. Principals from the schools where our Pods are located often comment on the noticeable difference in children who attend the Pods, stating that their transition into Prep is smooth and successful, providing a great foundation for future learning. For the majority of children enrolled in a BUSHkids eKindy Pod, it is their first time attending a formalised learning program. Many of our families live on large rural properties, so having incidental playdates or attending their local childcare is not always possible. By attending BUSHkids eKindy Pods, the children are learning life skills such as making new friends, trying new challenging tasks, following different routines and problem-solving without the help of Mum/Dad or big brother! C E O c o n t i n u e d “On starting Kindy, Emmet* was very cautious about attempting the moving discs in the playground. Through constant reassurance and guidance Emmet was able to attempt stepping between the moving discs in the playground whilst holding my hand. As the Kindy days went by Emmet kept practising and was able to step from disc to disc without any assistance. Once Emmet knew he couldmake his way across to the platformon the big playground it gave him the confidence to attempt the bridge on the little playground. Emmet is still working on crossing the bridge with confidence by himself.” “The eKindy Pod at Forrest Beach State School supports the early learning of our children which provides a great foundation for all future learning throughout their schooling. We can really notice the smoother transitions for children who have come from a BUSHkids eKindy Pod. The eKindy Pods are a valuable resource in our small community, and BUSHkids eKindy Facilitator Tracy Madden is a valued member of our school and the community.” Sarah-Jane Noonan • Principal, Forrest Beach State School CASE STUDY #1 A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 2 0–2 0 2 1 10

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