BUSHkids Annual Report 2020-2021

WQPHN Cunnamulla partnership Children and Parenting Support Services Key components include playgroups, evidence-based early intervention programs to support development, and parenting interventions across the spectrum from universal to individual parenting support. BUSHkids works with a family-centric focus with a key emphasis on developing both individual and community strengths. This year, BUSHkids has received funding from the Western Queensland Primary Health Network (WQPHN) to work with the Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health (CACH) to support children and families in Cunnamulla. The aim of this program is to build upon the good work CACH is doing in the local community and strengthen support for children and families. BUSHkids worked with CACH to plan a ‘Community Pit-stop’ for kids under eight to launch our partnership but, due to COVID-19 constraints and risks to the remote community, this event has been postponed until 2022. Instead, a ‘soft launch’ is underway with our clinicians working with CACH, kindergarten and schools to support children transitioning to Prep in 2022. BUSHkids CPSS team is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) to provide support to parents and children up to the age of 13 with a focus on early intervention to support child development. The services provided are in line with the ‘proportional universalism’ model of service delivery including universal health promotion and development activities, as well as targeted group work and individual family supports for parents and for children. This year, as we returned to face-to-face services, it was with relief that the staff were able to once more make connections with the children and their families in person. Although teleHealth services proved to have many unexpected advantages and new skills were developed, the Children and Parenting Facilitators still missed the human contact when running groups and working with families and were very happy to return to meeting in person again. Due to COVID-19 there was still some reluctance by families to attend groups, and numbers were lower than pre-pandemic, especially when we initially resumed with the ‘new normal’ mode of operation. However, the team has managed to successfully continue to provide services to the communities and support vulnerable families, and we are now seeing an increase in families returning to the groups we offer. wqphn.com.au /hellocach With the border town of Stanthorpe particularly vulnerable to closures and movement restrictions, this really impacted on our service delivery. A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 2 0–2 0 2 1 9

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