BUSHkids Annual Report 2020-2021

Risk Assessments Incident Reports 2021 73 2021 49 2020 46 2020 42 2019 85 2019 64 BUSHkids ICT and social media Financial Year 20-21 data As with other BUSHkids business support areas, BUSHkids ICT found its rhythm in adapting to the changing COVID-19 landscape. After the tumultuous end to the 2019-20 financial year, we have been able to keep stride and refine our processes to effectively support BUSHkids’ new normal. This was achieved through several implemented processes and key ICT initiatives throughout the year. We underwent a comprehensive review of our ICT architecture and systems with key recommendations being implemented across 2021. This has resulted in implementation of a new phone system and migration of our server architecture to a new hosting environment. Mitigating cyber-security risks remains a key focus for our ICT team with security enhancements and training provided during the course of the year. BUSHbase – BUSHkids’ bespoke clinical database – continues to strengthen and refine clinical and data requirements in numerous funding areas. Long-term partner Bootstrap IT continued this vital application development and once again provided a suite of new tools and robust changes to BUSHbase. Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) priorities have been heavily focused on keeping the organisation, staff, volunteers and families safe as the pandemic progresses while maintaining service delivery. BUSHkids has robust WHS procedures, including incident reporting and risk management with the utilisation of risk assessments across the regions. As BUSHkids delivers services across regional, rural and remote Queensland, our teams drive long distances, in some challenging driving conditions, and the safety of our teams remains a priority. With the necessary country and rural travel, we ensure that the correct vehicles are available for use for the environment, with SUV vehicles that are larger, higher off the ground and fitted with bull-bars for any encounters. To maintain continuous improvement for our Incident Reporting, reviews of our processes are actioned following any incident, to determine whether any changes are needed. Our First Aid Procedure has been expanded to ensure all our staff are aware of anaphylaxis (a life-threatening allergic reaction) and its symptoms, and the steps to take for any suspected or recognised allergic reaction for colleagues, children and families attending any of our locations. C E O c o n t i n u e d WHS summary 2020–2021 Financial Year 20-21 data 115 Posts on social media during FY 2020-21 22%+ Increase in Facebook likes /BUSHkids 81% 2,443 Facebook followers 161,740 km in 2018–19 269,937 km in 2020–21 147,807 km in 2019-20 of posts on Facebook A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 2 0–2 0 2 1 22

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