BUSHkids Annual Report 2019-20

SECTION TOPIC 36 ANNUAL REPORT 2019–2020 Trans-pandemic teleHealth services The vast majority of children and families responded incredibly well to this change, and we saw some really positive outcomes! Children were often more energised without having to be driven to one of our Centres and were more comfortable, relaxed and engaged in their home environment. Their siblings were free to entertain themselves in their home without disruption or supervision, and parents were able to give their undivided attention to their child and the interaction with the teleHealth practitioner. TeleHealth offered flexibility to families, with therapy occurring outside in the garden, or at grandma and grandpa’s house. The limitations of no longer being able to conduct hands-on therapy meant that parents were often required to facilitate activities on their side of the screen – which better supported learning and home practice. Parents have provided resounding feedback of gratitude that therapy could continue to be provided during the COVID-19 period, with many families continuing to opt for teleHealth despite face-to-face appointments again becoming available. TeleHealth is a fantastic option for service delivery for not only our rural and remote counterparts, but also for those who lead busy lifestyles and would like to better support their children in their natural environments. A teleHealth testimonial Although the team has used teleHealth to support some of the more rural families, BUSHkids Bundaberg has always proudly supported families face-to-face. But with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, the team had to diversify their delivery options. During March-April 2020, many of the local childcare centres and families (as well as grandparents!), were very excited to join in with our Virtual Storytime, the novel experience definitely something fun and interactive for our families and staff. William* and his family were supported by BUSHkids to gain access to the NDIS, develop his first plan, and link with local community supports. The BUSHkids physiotherapist provided interim therapy for William while these process- es were underway, to assist his immediate developmental needs and begin to build his parents’ knowledge and confidence in supporting his development at home. “Leah was a bloody legend, guiding us on what was available for William and then assisting us to start off with exercises to help him along until his NDIS plan was approved.” “She guided us on where to go to next for physio and speech therapy and for all the equipment that William needs. She was a great support for any questions that we might have had. When we couldn’t get William in for therapy straight away, Leah would support him until he could get there which was awesome of her. He wouldn’t be where he is without that support. It’s good to see the change in him.” Plans Children Sessions 2019-20 sessions type (Group, Indigenous and Community Engagement) Location 2018-19 2019-20 2018-19 2019-20 2018-19 2019-20 TeleService Face-to-face ROK 198 414 198 429 1,218 1,860 821 1,039 EMD 100 103 125 106 638 389 261 128 GLT 147 319 163 322 827 1,284 690 594 BDB 328 422 483 424 2,757 2,529 926 1,603 HVB 170 465 285 488 1,124 2,847 1,591 1,256 KRY MCY 235 892 319 953 1,553 4,904 3,152 1,752 GYM Totals 1,178 2,615 1,573 2,722 8,117 13,813 7,441 6,372 NDIS EARLY CHILDHOOD EARLY INTERV N ECE BY BUSHKIDS TELEHEALTH

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