BUSHkids Annual Report 2019-20

ANNUAL REPORT 2019–2020 TOPIC SECTION 29 INFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Unsurprisingly, various difficulties were encountered as we adjusted to the initial impacts of the pandemic and its evolving restrictions, but overall we were able to swiftly meet the dynamic evolution of business and operating requirements, supporting staff through the WFH transition and back. Last year’s previous report mentioned an increased focus on BUSHkids ICT security, with numerous initiatives being introduced. This year saw those tools refined and further developed to bolster our security. As the next phase in this process, BUSHkids underwent a substantial upgrade of our server operating system as well as an upgrade of our existing database software. Both of these allow the implementation of the latest security patches whilst also providing updated tools to enhance reliability and utility for BUSHkids workers. Another large project undertaken this year was the migration of a number of sites to new NBN internet connections. BUSHkids had previously utilised more expensive connectivity methods, but with the rollout of the NBN we have been able to leverage much cheaper connectivity options. Thanks to the fantastic RNA charity fundraiser at the 2019 ‘Ekka’, we have been able to introduce a new service delivery method via iPads – just in time to bolster our COVID-19 responses. These devices assist remote families, who have limited access to clinical services and technology, to actively participate in teleHealth services. BUSHkids IT played a key role in this project by establishing each of these kits, formatting them appropriately, and ensuring they provided the easiest end-user experience. Similarly, our new eKindy facilitators have been provided with suitable, pre-formatted iPads, and BUSHkids now has a substantial constellation of devices deployed for various business requirements across the state, all centrally managed by the ICT team. Further development of BUSHbase , our clinical database application, is ongoing, as is our collaboration with its designer, Gerard D’Rozario of Bootstrap IT, in continuing to evolve this bespoke technology, ensuring it meets all clinical requirements as the takeup of teleHealth expands. BUSHbase work throughout the year focused on delivering solutions to multi-region teleHealth service delivery, notifying users of client alerts, and providing dashboards. Scheduled for release at the end of October 2020 was:  a major update to BUSHbase calendar utility and functionality. Focuses include the combination of multi-region calendars, client alert notifications, and back end enhancements.  Clinical Alerts functionality throughout BUSHbase. User-entered alerts for clients who may be impacted by, for example, food allergies, will be displayed in various areas throughout BUSHbase.  new data dashboards promoting clinician statistics, Centre-wide metrics and data clean-up.  ZOOM integration option review, and small initial feature inclusions. It is always exciting to look forward and roadmap the year to come. In Q1 2021, BUSHkids will commence an external review of our current ICT architecture and systems. This review will encompass both internal and external stakeholders and aims to ascertain a complete picture of BUSHkids ICT – where we are now the pandemic’s initial ‘surge’ responses are in place, and what the organisation’s strategic needs are in our future ‘new normal’ world. With so many recent, large ICT projects undertaken firmly in place, now is a good time to pause, reflect, and accurately plan where BUSHkids ICT will move into the future. ICT As for our IT counterparts everywhere, with the onset of COVID-19 we rapidly found ourselves at the centre of fast-evolving changes to an online, technology-driven virtual world of remote service delivery and support. It has been a steep learning curve for all, during which Council member Julian Martin has been our cornerstone, backed-up by the exceptional service of Dennis Siebrecht and the Freshmethod team. BUSHkids social media The COVID-19 period has had a significant impact on the content of BUSHkids’ social media posts and, with fewer notable events, public meetings and social interactions by the BUSHkids team, social media became the primary channel to provide information and advice about keeping safe and coping with isolation, as well as providing direct links to our own and state and federal health authorities’ webpages. This resulted in fewer posts, particularly on Instagram and Twitter; conversely, it led to increased reach and engagement on Facebook. This was because the posts issued, particularly those promoting BUSHkids’ COVID-19 updates and growing library of TIPSheets on our website, were of particular interest to our social media community. 182 Posts on social media during FY 2019-20 22%+ Increase in Facebook likes, FY 2019-20 /BUSHkids 6 %+ Increase in Twitter followers, FY 2019-20 /BUSHkidsqld 39 %+ Increase in Instagram posts, FY 2019-20 /BUSHkids_Qld

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