BUSHkids Annual Report 2019-20

ANNUAL REPORT 2019–2020 TOPIC SECTION 25 EX ANDING POD COUNT eKINDY BUSHkids eKindy facilitators provide five-hours of care for four children on a kindy day. We are responsible for the quality of care, safety and wellbeing of children within the eKindy pods. Qualified kindy teachers located in various schools across Queensland offer distance education support to our facilitators. The qualified kindy teacher is responsible for planning each day’s play-based learning in line with the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline (QKLG) . Our eKindy facilitators are local people who we support to develop the kindy in their community. Some have been with us even prior to the official launch of the pilot program: Theresa Green at the eKindy pod in Bell, for instance, has been with us for four years! Feedback is collected at the end of each day, as well as at the end of term via phone calls to parents. One hundred percent of families report that they are very happy with the quality of the service provided by the BUSHkids eKindy Facilitators. All parents reported that their children felt very safe with the BUSHkids eKindy facilitator. Some were very pleasantly surprised as their child had experienced separation anxiety before kindy. Parents also report significant levels of developmental improvement, with a majority noting that social and emotional development is the most significant positive change. The Department of Education is currently reviewing all feedback and data from the pilot program. eKindy BUSHkids continues to be the third-party provider of standalone care in the Department of Education’s eKindy pod pilot program and 2020 marks our third year of facilitation of eKindy pods in rural and remote primary schools in Queensland. Our local facilitators this year moved quickly to providing virtual catch-ups with their children and parents. ZOOM training was provided and used with the children. Beautiful packs were created for the children to continue with early years activities. Pods per location Region Location 2019 2020 Gladstone, Capricorn, Central Highlands Anakie 2 2 Arcadia Valley 1 – Southern Queensland Bauple 1 1 Bell 2 3 North and North West Queensland Bloomfield – 2 Gladstone, Capricorn, Central Highlands Bororen 2 1 Southern Queensland Bowenville 1 – Wide Bay - Burnett Brooweena – 1 Gladstone, Capricorn, Central Highlands Bymount East 1 1 Comet 1 – North and North West Queensland Daintree – 1 Forrest Beach 1 2 Gladstone, Capricorn, Central Highlands Goovigen 1 2 North and North West Queensland Gumlu 1 1 Southern Queensland Karara 1 – Kenilworth – 1 Gladstone, Capricorn, Central Highlands Keppel Sands 1 1 Southern Queensland Kindon 1 – Leyburn – 1 North and North West Queensland Mount Garnet 2 2 Wide Bay - Burnett Proston 2 2 North and North West Queensland Seaforth 1 2 Gladstone, Capricorn, Central Highlands Stanwell – 1 Southern Queensland Talwood 1 1 Thallon – 1 Wide Bay - Burnett Tiaro 1 1 Wartburg – 1 Gladstone, Capricorn, Central Highlands Wowan 1 1 Yarwun 1 1 Southern Queensland Yelarbon 2 1 Total pods 28 34

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