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BUSHkids Staff


Carlton Meyn

Chief Executive Officer


BUSHkids is my passionate commitment and I am privileged to lead a dynamic team of professionals across this great state. We share a common goal: to drive and deliver effective healthcare services across regional Queensland, to help ensure no children or their families are disadvantaged, wherever they live.

Carlton Meyn


Susan Harrison

Clinical Services Manager


I believe that all families want their children to grow, develop and succeed, and that parents do the best they can with the resources they have. As a clinical leader, I am committed to ensuring BUSHkids' teams support families so all children can reach their potential.


Susan Harrison 

Tiffany Bannier-King

Administration Manager

It is great to work for an organisation with such amazing history, who have been helping children across Queensland since 1935... and continuing to help them by now providing vital (and free!) allied health services. And working with inspiring clinical teams throughout Queensland who are making positive developmental changes in the lives of children and supporting their families. 


Louise Grimes






Louise Grimes

Ingrid Lazarus

Administration Officer

I enjoy working for BUSHkids because it is a well established organisation that has helped so many children and their families for over 80 years and will help many more in the future.



Ingrid Lazarus

Brett Wall

Maintenance & Safety Coordinator

I like the variety that the job offers and the loyalty of the organisation. 



Brett Wall

Ken Lewis 

Database/Applications Support

I joined BUSHkids to put the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired throughout university to the test, and to apply my knowledge to help BUSHkids improve and develop their IT resources



Ken Lewis 


Joy Quantrell

Clinical Admininstration Officer




Jessica Schieber

Administration Officer




Photo to follow

Karlee Wiles

Professional Lead - Occupational Therapists


Since graduating from the University of QLD Karlee has enjoyed a long association with BUSHkids, working as a new graduate Occupational Therapist at the BUSHkids Emerald Centre and then as Occupational Therapist/Team Leader at the Redcliffe Residential Centre. Karlee has always had a passion for working with children and providing a high quality family-centred service. "As occupational therapy mentor I am able to continue my association with BUSHkids and contribute to the provision of a high quality service to rural and remote children and their families."

Karlee Wiles

Dr Samantha Brown 

Professional Lead - Psychologists 


Dr Samantha Brown is a clinical psychologist with over fifteen years of experience working with families in university, private practice, and health settings. A significant part of her work history includes thirteen wonderful years as an Early Intervention and Parenting Psychologist for the Child Development Service in Queensland Health. Currently, in addition to working at Bushkids, Samantha has a private practice at the University of Queensland, where she also provides supervision to postgraduate students completing their internship training. She has provided supervision to early career psychologists and more experienced clinicians since 2001. She enjoys supporting staff to provide evidence-based best practice interventions to children and their parents, as well helping psychologists to achieve their professional goals. Samantha has a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and has completed the Supervisor Training and Approval Program.  She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society. 

Samantha Brown


Helen Dimond

Professional Lead - Speech-Language Pathologists



 Photo to follow

Janine Kemp

Professional Lead - Family Health Support Worker


I am excited to join the organisation as I believe that the skills, knowledge and experience that I have developed in an acute health setting will allow me to make a rich contribution to the children and families accessing BUSHkids, and to the professional development of the Family Health Support Workers.  I am passionate about safe quality care for children and families that will enable children to reach their full potential in life.

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993 as a Social Worker, and have since worked in a variety of adult and children’s hospitals throughout Queensland and New South Wales. My extensive clinical experience has cultivated my strong interest in health care and psychosocial issues facing rural and remote children, particularly in closing the gap in healthcare for Indigenous children throughout Queensland.  I have a strong family-centred approach to my clinical practice, which is driven by principles built on humanity, compassion, congruence, authenticity, integrity, empathy, respect, and trust.

Janine Kemp  

Beth Cassin

Clinical Project Officer


Parents play the most significant role in a child’s life and therefore education and training for parents has the potential to have a big impact. The BUSHkids model of care addresses the need to provide general education and training to whole communities as well as individualised intervention to children and families. BUSHkids continue to evaluate and improve services and I am delighted to be involved in targeted education and training projects. 

Beth Cassin

Matt Tesch

Marketing Consultant 

BUSHkids has been a 'quiet achiever' for three generations of Queenslanders, helping kids and families realise their full potential. Having supported the organisation for the past three years, it's a privilege for me to be asked to step up and help further spread the word in the 80th anniversary year about the work of BUSHkids teams past and present. 




Janie Stupart

Family Health Support Worker 
I love working with children, educating them and making a positive difference in their lives.

Janie Stupart

Bonnie Barr 

Occupational Therapist 


I am excited to work with children and families living in rural and remote communities to assist children to be able to engage in meaningful activities and achieve goals with school, play and self-care.

Psychologist - Position Vacant


 Photo to follow 

Speech-Language Pathologist - Position Vacant


Photo to follow


Julie Rathmell

Family Health Support Worker 

I enjoy my role as Family Health Support Worker in the Dalby centre, I  enjoy the valuable work being done for the children and families.

It is a dual role also covering administration duties ensuring the Dalby team runs smoothly, as well as family health and support in the community with social skills programs and resilience building programs by visiting local schools and kindergartens.  Parent education is a big part of my role offering many parenting group programs in the region.


Sarah Siran

Speech-Language Pathologist


I am passionate in empowering children and their families in their communication journey. Working with BUSHkids allows me to grow in this area as it upholds child-focused and family-centred care. 

John Nash 

Provisional Psychologist 


I am excited to be a part of BUSHkids. We are able to offer multidisciplinary assessments and interventions for young people and families who otherwise cannot access these important services. I feel lucky to be providing the psychological service component of our team here in Dalby, and I enjoy the teamwork that is integral to the way our centres work every day. I feel privileged to be part of an organisation with a thoroughly benevolent ethos and proud history of over 80 years. 


Katherine West 

Occupational Therapist 




Photo to follow  





Family Health Support Worker

Position Vacant




Jessica Nikles

Occupational Therapist


I enjoy working as part of a close-knit team that provides services to children and their families in rural and remote areas, to help children reach their full potential. It’s exciting to be part of an organisation that emphasises the importance of early intervention, achieving greater health outcomes for the children we see.



Georgina Devine

Speech Pathologist


I am passionate about working with children and families to help them achieve goals that will make a meaningful difference in their lives. Working for BUSHkids provides me with the opportunity to follow that passion. I enjoy liaising with other services in the community and considering the broader picture for the children that we work with. 


Madeleine Colquhoun

Speech-Language Pathologist 


I am passionate about working with young children and their families, in order to empower them and help them to achieve their communication goals. I love the experience of working within a team of fellow health professionals, as we all work towards the same goal of providing the highest quality of family-centred care for our clients. It is such a privilege to work for an organisation that has such a rich and incredible history of helping children and families across regional and remote Queensland.



Psychologist - Position Vacant





Susan Clarke

Early Intervention Facilitator

I enjoy the challenges and creativity that the position offers, and the colleagues and families that I work with.




Family Health Support Worker - Position Vacant 

Currently Recruiting


Danica Kelly

Speech-Language Pathologist


I am passionate about working with children, and love to see children’s eyes light up when they unlock their communication potential. The BUSHkids team allows me to provide valued speech pathology services to children and families in rural communities, where they would otherwise have to travel to larger communities to receive needed services. 


Philippa Brown

Speech-Language Pathologist


Having been passionate about rural health since a young age, it means a lot to me to be able to start my professional career with BUSHkids in Mt Isa. It is a privilege to begin my speech pathology journey with an organisation that is dedicated to eliminating geographical barriers in healthcare. I also look forward to helping families and children reach their communication potential.

Sarah Bartsch

Occupational Therapist


Photo to follow 


Linda Cholawinskyj

Family Health Support Worker

At BUSHkids I get to work with and support parents and children through the various programs that the centre offers. This is something that I thoroughly enjoy!


Felicity Rayner

Speech-Language Pathologist 


I enjoy working for BUSHkids as I can identify the immense need for allied health services within rural and remote communities.  I enjoy working with children and their families to assist and encourage children to reach their full potential.  I believe in an holistic approach, targeting goals that are meaningful for both clients and their families and I enjoy the multidisciplinary team environment and invaluable support that BUSHkids provides.

Shelley Green

Occupational Therapist - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday



Shelley Gree 

Helen O'Connell

Occupational Therapist - Monday & Friday 





Stacey Freebody

Provisional Psychologist

Having experienced a country childhood myself, it means a lot to me to return to a rural community in a professional capacity. Assisting to eliminate both geographical and financial barriers of allied health service access for children and their families is a personally rewarding aspect of my role with BUSHkids.



Marianne Taylor

Social Worker Team leader



Early Intervention Facilitators 


Jo Horigan 

Early Intervention Facilitator

It is terrific that BUSHkids has a new position in the Agnes Water/Miriamvale area to help support families who are often isolated from services. I am passionate about the importance of play in the early years and love to encourage and support parents to do the best they can.        




Trudy McDonald 

Early Intervention Facilitator



 Photo to follow


Joanne McKinnon 

Early Intervention Facilitator




Lou Keevers

Early Intervention Facilitator


My long career in Early Childhood Education began with my position as a co-ordinator of an Intervention team.  Over the years in teaching, I have often drawn on those skills developed in that role and considered how beneficial that experience was to my work with families and young children.  I am excited to return to this important role with the BUSHkids organization and look forward to using my skillset to facilitate positive outcomes for families.






Bush Kids





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