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Bundaberg Centre


57 Maryborough Street

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Bundaberg Centre

57 Maryborough Street, BUNDABERG, 4670, Australia


What do we do?


As per our organisation’s policy, we at BUSHkids in Bundaberg are able to provide services to children aged 0-13. As every child’s needs are different, each therapist here enjoys providing individual, goal-directed therapy sessions. These target some of the following common goal areas:

  • Speech Pathology: language (understanding what people say, and using good sentences and words to express concepts and ideas), literacy difficulties, speech-sound difficulties
  • Occupational Therapy: fine motor skills (skills with the hands), gross motor skills (involving the larger muscles of the body – active, physical movement) visual-perception skills (making sense of what we see), sensory issues (affecting concentration and attention), self-care skills (toileting, feeding, dressing etc).
  • Psychology: anxiety, anger management, social skills, behaviour management

In addition to individual therapy sessions, a child coming to the Bundaberg Centre may also be offered to participate in groups targeting some of these skills in a fun and social environment. Furthermore, we recognise that parents are the most important people in their child’s life, and also need to be provided with essential information and skills to help their child grow. The groups we offer are:


    • Fine motor groups for children of various ages
    • Gross motor groups for children of various ages
    • How does your engine run? Alert program for children with sensory processing and self-regulation difficulties
    • Handwriting groups
    • Prep-readiness groups (joint OT/SLP groups)


    • Autism Spectrum Disorder parent education group
    • Emotional-Regulation parent education group
    • Toileting parent education sessions and workshops

Our Family Health Support Worker also delivers specialised programs targeting socio-emotional wellbeing of children, which are run at our centre, or at local schools and kindergartens. These include:

    • PALS
    • Fun Friends
    • Friends For Life
    • Body-Think

Here in Bundaberg, we are very busy providing services to children in the local area, thus outreach visits are presently not something we offer. Most of the families we see are local to the area, whilst others are committed to travelling to access services at our centre. We liaise closely with local schools, other health services and professionals to ensure we are providing the best possible care, and access to care, that we can.


Where to find us?

Here in the heart of Bundaberg, the BUSHkids Centre calls 57 Maryborough St home. The centre first opened its doors in 2006, and was officially “opened” by her Excellency Governor General, Quentin Bryce, in 2007. If you wish to contact our friendly staff, details are as follows:

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What makes Bundaberg unique?

Sugar, sand and surf! Starting out from fledgling beginnings in the late 1800’s, with a population of 200, Bundaberg now boasts a population of 100000. It is a fast-growing community and key trade-centre, just four hours north of Brisbane. Bundaberg has a wide variety of attractions; it’s most well-known outputs being Bundaberg Sugar, and consequently Bundaberg Rum!  A tour of the Bundaberg Rum Factory can be an educational and fun experience for all.  Bundaberg also plays host to a number of wildlife attractions; the most popular experience favoured by children and adults alike being the turtle season at Mon Repos Turtle Rookery – lucky visitors can witness (and assist!) the magnificent turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs to rest, and later, help the tiny young hatchlings make their way to the ocean!

Of the BUSHkids centres, Bundaberg is unique in that it is the only centre so close to the beautiful coastline of Australia, with lots of our children enjoying the best of many worlds – bush, farming, sun, sand and surf!

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