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Transforming the lives of kids and families in the bush

For over 80 years BUSHkids has supported children growing up in rural communities throughout Queensland. The free allied health services we offer to children living in the bush, and the support we provide to their families, really can change lives for the better. Karen’s[1] story, below, is typical of the work we do every day.

Karen lived in a small rural town with her husband and two young kids. When her third child, Liam, was born she thought her life was perfect; however, by the time Liam was just 18 months old he began showing signs of developmental delay. As he grew older Karen noticed how difficult Liam found playing with other kids and making friends. He started showing behavioural problems with unpredictable outbursts and uncontrollable meltdowns. These got progressively worse to the point where he couldn’t attend day care and Karen had to quit her job to look after him. Over the next three years Karen saw a succession of GPs, specialists, therapists and dietitians, but nothing seemed to work. This took a toll on the family financially and emotionally and in Karen’s words the “family was broken”.

Things only changed when the family moved to Dalby and they were put in contact with BUSHkids. Liam was assessed and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Appropriate therapies and programs were then put in place that have made a real difference to Liam’s life. BUSHkids supported Karen’s family through a specialist parenting program, a program was put in place to help Liam improve his social skills and Liam’s older brother was given guidance so he could better understand Liam’s behaviour. Most significantly BUSHkids worked with Liam’s school to formulate an Individual Education Plan (IEP) so he could receive specialist help with his education.

“We have seen massive changes to his learning. Liam can now make the most of his school years which has opened up a range of options for his future. This wonderful service has changed our lives and they have given me back my family”.

Your continuing support can help us improve the lives of many more rural children like Liam and help mend broken families like Karen’s.

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We truly appreciate your support and sincerely thank you for your time and consideration.

Carlton Meyn

Chief Executive Officer


[1] Names changed to protect the client’s identity.





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