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Help support BUSHkids in its vital work with Queensland children.

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Kids and families in the bush need our help

While the recent rains in the west of the State have eased the drought, the harm it has caused to Queensland’s rural communities lingers on. BUSHkids work to help children and their families remains as important as ever and with your help we can continue this vital work.

For over 80 years we have supported children growing up in rural communities throughout Queensland. The free allied health services we offer to children living in the bush, and the support we provide to the families and communities they live in, really can change lives for the better.

The remote area of the Central Queensland Gemfields, 40km west of Emerald, was identified as a community where children and their families desperately needed our help. BUSHkids has been working in the Gemfields for nearly three years now, our work has helped strengthen this isolated and poorly served community. BUSHkids started working with the local playgroup as a way of supporting the wider Gemfields community. Initially the BUSHkids Family Health Support Worker and Psychologist attended the playgroup to establish rapport and find out how BUSHkids could support the children’s development.

While we helped the local children prepare for school through our literacy programs, we also identified a large number of kids desperately in need of speech and language therapy. BUSHkids was able to provide this alongside much needed support for the families, which was sadly lacking in the remote Gemfields community. From the playgroup, BUSHkids started working at the local school, with our Speech and Language Pathologist and Family Health Support Worker undertaking weekly outreach sessions to the wider area.

BUSHkids has become a central part of this remote community.  When the playgroup was recently threatened with closure because their centre had fallen into disrepair, the BUSHkids team stepped in to help. The team compiled a list of repairs necessary to meet health and safety requirements and worked with parents, the local community and the town council to bring the centre back into a safe condition for the kids to use.

This is just one example of how BUSHkids is helping strengthen and build communities in rural Queensland. Your continuing support can help us change the lives of many more children like those living in the Gemfields. Any gift of $2 or more which you are able to give will help us continue our vital work.

We truly appreciate your support and sincerely thank you for your time and consideration.

Carlton Meyn

Chief Executive Officer


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